David G. Garmire, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering

Office: POST 201E, Lab: POST 415

david dot garmire -at- gmail dot com


Research Interests

Micro/nano/bioelectromechanical Systems (M/N/BEMS)

Microtechnology for Renewable Energy

CAD and Metrology for M/N/BEMS

Computational Biology

  • Workforce Training, Dept. of Energy
      Co-PI, $2.5M, Ends 5/31/2013
  • Renewable Energy for Island Sustainability
      Co-PI, $1M, Ends 5/31/2011
  • Measuring the Gravitational Constant
      PI, $24K

Goal: Train a "green" workforce including graduate students and undergraduates


Goal: Research microtechnology for renewable energy and lead the Green Holmes Hall Initiative

Goal: Generate a microsystem that is capable of improving measurements of the gravitational constant


UC Berkeley Venture Labs Technology Achievement Award. Fall 2009.




The Ross N. Tucker Award memorializes Dr. Ross N. Tucker, who contributed significantly to the advancement of the technology of materials used in semiconductor electronics. Dr. Tucker's involvement in materials science began while he was a student at the University of Utah, and continued under a faculty appointment at the University of Illinois, where he studied ionic conduction in solids. In 1962, Dr. Tucker joined the Research and Development Laboratories of Fairchild Semiconductor, where he gathered around him a technical group skilled in the analysis and solution of the materials-related problems encountered in semiconductor processing. Dr. Tucker's personal contributions to the development of high-quality epitaxial deposition of thin layers of silicon, and to the understanding of the properties of thin films of polycrystalline silicon are of special significance. Many present state-of-the-art devices owe their manufacturability to the efforts of Dr. Tucker and the group that he led. After joining Intel Corporation in 1972, Dr. Tucker continued to research the relationship between crystalline defects and semiconductor device performance. His untimely death in January of 1974 is a severe loss to his many friends, relatives and associates, and to the semiconductor industry.
Sevin Rosen Funds Award for Innovation. May 2007.
Business Plan Competitions

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology International Business Plan Competition. 1st Place. (1st/150). May 2007.


University of San Francisco International Business Plan Competition. Finalist (top 5/85). April 2007.


Jungle Business Plan Challenge. Finalist (top 8/100). April 2007.


UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition. Semifinalist. 2007

Berkeley Nanotechnology Opportunity Challenge, Winner. November 2006 and February 2007.

Microscanner Technology for Low-Cost High-Definition Displays and Biomedical Applications

Three venture capitalists and two professors joined the Berkeley Nanotechnology Club in judging presentations of competitors from across the Berkeley and Stanford campuses.

Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center (BSAC) Best Presentation Award.

Selected by attending industry members of the BSAC Industrial Advisory Board

        Topic: MEMS Electrometrology


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D. Garmire, H. Choo, R. S. Muller, S. Govindjee, and J. Demmel, "Integrated MEMS Metrology Device using Complementary Measuring Combs," 2006. (pending)


H. Choo, D. Garmire, J. Demmel, R. S. Muller, and R. Kant, "MEMS-Based Phase-Shifting Interferometer," 2006. US Patent 7564559.


H. Choo, D. Garmire, J. Demmel, and R. S. Muller, "Method for fabricating vertically-offset interdigitated comb actuator device," 2005. US Patent 7573022.

Siebel Scholars Fellowship Recipient. September 2006 - Summer 2007.
Information concerning this grant is given here:
  • Luke Joseph, M.S.
      Biosensors using CNTs and VANTA
  • Soumya Vinod, M.S.
      Microvalves and Corrosion Detection
  • John Hirano, M.S.
      Renewable Energy and Wind Sensors
  • Eric Saint Georges, Ph.D.
      Adaptive Optics
  • Xiaoxiao Zhang, Ph.D.
      Microfluidic Devices
  • Jeremy Chan, M.S.
      Solar Decathlon and HSFL
  • Reid Yamura, M.S.
      Solar Decathlon and HSFL
  • Richard Ordoñez, M.S.
      Adaptive Optics
  • Trent Robertson, M.S.
      Solar Decathlon

Graduated on 5/07/2010 and working at Oceanit.

Thesis Topic: Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Sensor and Integrated Microfluidics for Lab-on-a-chip


This work presents research in the development of lab-on-a-chip fabrication process consisting of a vertically aligned carbon nanotube array (VANTA) sensor and integrated microfluidics.  Although this device is capable of different detection applications, the focus of this research was the detection of adverse drug reactions.  In the course of this research two integrated micro-nano devices were fabricated, during separate production cycles.  The VANTA presented in these experiments were functionalized with an antibody specific to the target antigen.  The intent of this research was to demonstrate the overall performance of the lab-on-a-chip platform, leaving further optimization to future research.



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